Tuija and Komaks Triumph 1986

My name is Tuija Johansson, I live on the south coast of Finland in Sipoo, Box, between Helsinki and Porvoo. I breed samoyeds under the name Funny Fabric, and I am also an official hamster judge.

I have always been interested in dogs, when I was still too young for school our neighbour had a wonderful collie male by the name Jopi. First I dreamt about dog just like him, but then we moved to Sipoo in 1974 and a couple of years later a friend of mine and I did catch two dogs on the run from their kennel. This was kennel Komaks. As a thanks we received a little money and an invitation to come and look at the dogs again. That's where it started! My friend was into siberian huskies and I fell in love with their samoyeds. This kennel also owned the legendary Int & Nordic Ch Fin W-68 Niklas*.

In 1974 they gave me my first dog, a bitch named Lumikin Leina (Int & Nordic Ch Lumikin Caesar* - Boona). She wasn't very pretty, out of the mercy of the judge shen once gained a BOB when 11,5 years old, but her temperament was as good as can be! She ran as the leader before the sled even in a husky-pack. We also took part in an obedience test once, ant took the 3rd place. When she died in 1986 I bought a new samoyed from kennel Komaks, FIN Ch Komaks Triumph (S & FIN Ch Norw. W-83 Dennis* - Komaks Misty*). In 1990 a new friend joined us, FIN Ch White Russian Nachalnek.

At the moment I have five bitches at home: FI CH Funny Fabric Hot Blue Design (Holly), Funny Fabric Champagne Bee (Panda). Panda's daughter FI&RU CH Funny Fabric Jujubee Time Bandit (Bambu), Panda's half sister's granddaughter Funny Fabric A Splash of Blue (Trio), and also my greek import Hellas BlueAegean Thetis (Tetris), which I own together with kennel Maailmankorven.

My USA-import WhyteWynd's Mississippi Moondog is co-owned by the Heiskanens in Porvoo, where she also lives.

Our USA-import WhyteWynd's North American Mustang is living in Helsinki on breeding terms, as a pet. My swedish import Going Nuts Kiwi and his son Funny Fabric Dizzy Stuntman are both living on breeding terms in Helsinki also. Our croatian import Steel Lady Ramses lives with Elina Lintula at kennel Talvituuli, andoury australian boy Mezen The Dark Knight is co-owned by kennel Arttulan, where he also lives.

Our USA-import Moonlighter's Funny Fabric Jamaika Me Laff is co-owned by Maikku Hagsten-Funck, kennel Vretahof, where she also lives.

My other hobby is my summer car, a Porsche 911 Carrera II 1999