Raussila 1982

I got into sledding almost immediately after getting to know samoyeds and siberian huskies, I was allowed to mush the dog teams of kennel Komaks in the 1970s and 1980s. At first I skijored, then  I bought my own sled, and even took part in some sledding races. In front of the sled ran the all-bitch team: as a leader Lumikin Leina, and Jormaksen Jonna and Star Team Nicolina (in the photo partly covered by Leina).

Here some newer photos of me sledding with 4 and 5 dogs. The dogs are: Stimpson as leader, Brie&Ronja (her sire is Funny Fabric Spicy Hot One) and Polka&Jojo.


Here I am skijoring in March 2009:

Sledding in January 2010; at lead Brie 10 years old, then comes Polka and Panda: